The Benvenuti Story


1927 – The Benvenuti Family Immigrates to America

The Benvenuti family was originally from Bussolengo, Italy, and settled in Pittsburgh, PA, during the late 1920′ s.


Henry & Peter Both Served in WWII

Angelo Benvenuti had two sons, Henry & Peter. Both sons served our nation in the U.S. Army during WWII.


1946 – Angelo and His Sons Opened Their First Bakery

In 1946, after Angelo sharpened his trade in a small Sharpsburg, PA, bakery, he and his two sons opened Benvenuti’s Italian Bread in Carnegie, PA.


1946 – Door-to-Door Fresh Baked Bread

Henry started out baking 100 loaves of bread every morning in their small brick oven. Then Peter went out door-to-door selling warm, fresh baked bread door-to-door.


1963 – Benvenutis Break Ground for a New Bakery

Benvenutis soon outgrew its brick ovens and started construction on a new, modern plant in Bridgeville, PA.


1963 – New Bakery is Finished

In 1963, the family moved about four miles down the road to a modern plant in Bridgeville, PA, as Benvenuti’ s Italian Bakery, Inc.


Late 1963 – Grand Opening

With their families by their side, brothers Henry & Pete, pictured with their mother, opened their new plant.


Thru the 60’s & 70’s

During the 60’s & 70’s, the Benvenuti family turned their little brick oven bakery into a multimillion-dollar business by supplying grocery stores what most people said was “the best Italian bread in Western PA.”


Mid 1970’s – Product Changes, Legacy Continues

The mid-70′ s saw the birth of the revolutionary “in-store bakery.” So, as the demand changed, the family closed the Bridgeville operation and turned to the pizza industry as a means of continuing their legacy.


Early 1980’s – KB Pizza Begins

During the early 80’s, in order to answer the growing demand for their pizza shells and dough, the third generation of Benvenuti’ s formed what is now K.B. Pizza, Inc., in Franklin, PA.


Benvenuti Means “Welcome” in Italian

Benvenuti means “Welcome” in Italian and, thanks to e- Commerce, you are now able to “Welcome” our legendary pizza dough into your home. Bon Appe’tit!


E-Commerce Website Goes Live

Benvenuti’s Pizza Products announces the launch of FreshDoughPizza.com an e-commerce website to order and ship fresh pizza dough to families all across the country. Benvenuti’s Pizza Kit contains either fresh dough balls or par-baked crusts (kids’ version), family recipe pizza sauce, and a special blend of cheeses to make 4 pizzas or 8 small pizzas (par-baked crusts).


Benvenuti’s Pizza Food Truck to be Coming to Your Location Soon!

The newest addition to the Benvenuti’s Pizza Products, LLC is a state-of-the-art pizza food truck. To be operational this year, it will be available in the Franklin area and offer a new website for ordering pizzas online. More information to follow.

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